Mr. Bastin & Mr. Lewis,

I want to thank you for all that you did for me while selling Joel’s boat.  It was greatly appreciated!  I can now sleep at night!

You have the BEST employee, Larry Davis.  You are so fortunate to have him in your employ.  He is a God – loving man & it shows in what he does each day.

Again, may God bless you & ALL your employees!  Thanks for selling the Cohuna!!!


Rose Ann Doby

Hi Mike, I just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you guys Chris did a great job on helping me with my clients & the Everglades deal.

I hope all is well for y’all & biz is good!!

Standing by,

Capt. Clif

Hi Mike,

I must tell you that when I started out searching for a boat, it was not quite what I was hoping for….until we met you.  You made this purchase a pleasure and you demonstrated what every broker should.  You love what you do and we felt it every step of the way.

Thank you for being such a great broker and thank you for becoming our friend.  Please come and visit us in Jamaica as soon as the boat is settled in and lets catch some fish together.  I would love to go on a hunting trip together with you.

Mr. Sascha Hossmann, Director of Operations

Dear Marine Group Emerald Coast,

I have been working with Mr. Michael Lewis involving the purchase of a boat.  In my interactions with other brokers, none have equaled or come close to the professionalism at your dealership.  Mr. Lewis is a consummate professional.  He is an extremely helpful and caring individual.  Mr. Lewis leaves nothing to be questioned.  His “follow-up” and “inquiring techniques” leaves nothing to be desired.

I come away from your firm, not with closure, but a very positive and pleasant experience.


Joseph Panettiere

My name is Tim Howard. As Tournament Chairman for 2017, I would like to thank Marine Group on behalf of the Orange Beach Sportfishing Club for your support of the 2017 KV Memorial Tournament. Without your support this Tournament would not be possible. As most of you know, the Orange Beach Sportfishing Club does not keep the proceeds of the Tournament. All the money from the tournament was originally donated to The Billfish Foundation (TBF). This was a favorite charity of KVs and he did a lot of work to help raise money for the organization. In the past couple of years; however, that has changed, we have also started using part of the money for local causes, such as hunting excursions for kids. These are children who would not ordinarily have had a chance to enjoy the outdoors. We also donate to local individuals who need a little extra help. Our plans this year, hopefully, include helping Iron Men Outdoor Ministries, providing a fishing trip for children, as well as other worthy charities.

As a result of your generous support, we were able to raise approximately $9000 at the tournament.

Tim Howard

Dear Mike,

This note of gratitude is written because we are so profoundly thankful to you and all of your colleagues at Marine Group for your firm’s sponsorship of the Kyser Miree Memorial Fishing Tournament.  It has been six years since Kyser’s friends in the Rotaract Club of the Mobile Bay Area conceived the creation of the tournament, and we want to recognize its success and its impact to date.  One measure of its success is that there have been over a thousand total entries.  One gauge of its impact is that almost $70,000 has been raised for the worthwhile charitable causes that Rotaract advocates.

This amazing level of support honors the memory of the smartest, funniest, most genuine and altogether admirable young man that many of us had ever known before his life was cut short.  Yet he is able to continue to do great things thanks to your generous assistance.  In other words, you have made the work of this tournament a unique and consequential success.  The strength of your commitment and this ongoing evidence of the high regard in which you hold Kyser means the world to me.  Please know that your support has forged an unbreakable bond of brotherhood.  My affection is great and permanent.

As we get older, with our own lives and families, we realize that the fruits of our labor are something most of us want to keep close to home and hearth.  Therefore, anyone who ventures outside that legacy comfort zone in their generosity is doing something exceptional.  Perhaps our families have a claim to our wealth, or some part of it, but Kyser has no such claim to your wealth, or to your anything.  I know that.  Hence the depth of my humility and gratitude.

The very best, especially God’s blessings and graces, for you and for all those you hold dear.

Warmest personal regards,

Ben K. Miree 





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